Music Producer

Music Producer in Perth, Western Australia

Just how important is your music producer?  Well, we here at Songwriter’s Paradise feel that the person producing your song can either make it or break it. It is vital to work with a producer that is experienced in engineering, arranging, song creation and if possible, song writing. Andy, from Songwriter’s Paradise, ticks all those boxes and some. He is also an accomplished session guitarist, world-class singer, and multi-award-winning artist.

Andy is a humorous and respectful family man, with an immense talent for creating excellent song productions. With over 25 years of experience producing great songs, he has become a top choice for many local and international artists.

He works with polished professionals and total beginners alike, as everyone had to start somewhere. He is competent in just about any genre and will collaborate with you to get results that may well exceed your best expectations.
A good music producer like Andy will encourage the artist and bring the best out of them and their songs. Sort of like an inspiring coach, so to speak. A famous quote from Andy : “I would like a dollar for every time an artist has thanked me for getting better vocal performances from them than they thought they could do”.

Andy produces exclusively for Songwriter’s Paradise in Landsdale, Perth W.A. He is the owner and founder of this beautiful new studio and looks forward to producing your next hit, or working with songwriters who just love creating songs for the sheer fun of it. All are welcome.

Highly skilled in all the latest technology, Andy is able to transform your song into a movie soundtrack highlight, a hard rock classic, an RnB hit, a chart topping pop song, a roots or folk masterpiece, or just about any genre you can imagine. Anything is possible for those who believe.

Songwriter’s Paradise is where a great song meets a great music producer.