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Recording Studio Perth


Song, Sound, Video & Music Production

Whilst we are primarily a Perth recording studio, our core business is to help you develop your song using all the latest technology in combination with our Multi Award Winning producer/songwriter who knows how to get you where you want to go.  

Songwriter's Paradise aim to make the most awesome Song Productions for songwriters and musicians alike.

You don't need a band. Simply bring your song, lyrics, ideas or just a melody you might have in mind, and we’ll do the rest. Even if you are missing any of these ingredients, the expertise and experience of our talented and friendly producer will create a song production that far exceeds your expectations.

We also do some very cool video productions in Perth, making us the one stop shop for songwriters and recording artists of all ages and skill levels. With over 25 years of world class productions and Multi Award Winning songs, our rave reviews say it all.         


We are totally passionate about music production and have delighted and excited so many songwriters by taking their songs to the next level and beyond. Many of our clients have come to our Perth recording studio to do just one song and have continued on to do over two full albums and counting. 

Yes! This is a very addictive process and genuinely rewarding in so many ways.

The atmosphere is fun and friendly, making your creative journey an absolute joy for everyone involved. So many wonderful friendships have been formed with our clients over the years and we are always delighted when they share their success stories with us. Many of them have won awards, it’s crazy keeping score. We work in almost any kind of genre there is, and can create custom songs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or perhaps even just a song to bless a loved one.


We work with complete amateurs as well as seasoned professionals. All are welcome here at Songwriter’s Paradise.

We operate in a safe and supportive environment and our clients always feel totally relaxed and fully at home.

If you struggle with guitar, keyboards or vocals, we’ve got you covered. 

Need superb backing vocals or maybe male or female lead vocals? We’ve got that covered too.

What if you need percussion, brass, piano, guitar or just about any instrument you can think of ?

We have access to a multitude of instruments you might need, using all the amazing technology available.

We can get you sounding like almost any band out there, or we can create something that is uniquely you.

Looking for the best possible version of your song? That’s what we do. It’s our passion.

We love collaborating with you, to get you and your songs sounding great.


Although we are located in Landsdale, in the Northern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia, we also work remotely with people from all over the world, so distance is certainly not an issue.

Have a look around the site and call us on 0422762732 to have a chat about your new song.

We are here to help, and put a smile on your dial, as we mix the awesome ingredients into your songs and ideas.

Come and experience the joy of making great music with our Multi Award Winning Producer and together, we will turn your song into a Masterpiece. 

Click on the video immediately below to see what we do in a nutshell.
Making music with us is the best fun you’ll ever have!

Check out the fun song below to find out more. 





Let us produce your song or lyrics into something that will amaze everyone. We have won over 30 major national and international awards.
No experience or band required.
Fun and friendly atmosphere.

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