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ANDY LITERALLY MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. From obscurity, I have enjoyed ongoing Global success including hitting numerous Top 10 Indie Charts in the USA and Europe. None of this would have happened without Andy's Songwriters Paradise. He is the ultimate Professional and what he doesn't know about music wouldn't fit on a postage stamp. I'm eternally grateful my man!

~Andy Michaels

I've been going to Andy since 2012.I won't be using anybody else. He's a top-class producer and songwriter and can turn your song into something special.5/5

~L.D. Russell

I have been singing, recording and performing all over the world to millions of people since 1997. I have loved every second of this journey. My most treasured recording times are working in 'Songwriters Paradise' with my Christian Producer, Andy Court. He is simply, brilliant! THE ATMOSPHERE IN HIS STUDIO IS SECOND TO NONE. It is like going into a recording space ship with amazing style, coffee, so many dynamic conversations, loads of laughs and work done at almost the speed of light! He is a genius!

~Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

Everything Andy touches TURNS TO GOLD. I can verify his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and engineer. You will enjoy the fun process of turning your ideas into a broadcast-quality production. Affordable too.


Thanks, mate. I have worked with Andy on my first single and currently, on my album, I find that he has the ability to CONNECT WITH ME AS AN ARTIST to understand where I want to go with my music and how to get there. My first song "Strong" which he produced was nominated for a WAMI Song of the Year Award and also was top 5 in Australia in the National MusicOz Awards. Thank you, Andy.     

~Phillip Walley-Stack

Thank you for an International Award Winning Song!! My song 'Love You More' was a finalist in the UK Gospel Songwriting Competition. 


He himself is a great singer/songwriter and awesome producer. Would DEFINITELY recommend him to all those songwriters out there. He's easy to work with and extremely professional!!


The best producer in Perth. Andy is an award-winning songwriter and producer with a lot of experience. Also a great guitarist and singer. Plays the keys as well. if you need someone to TAKE YOUR SONG TO A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL, Andy's your man.

~John Calabrese

Andy is a pleasure to work with and applies his magic to bring my songs to life.

~Sue Munns


Andy James Court is an experienced music producer who instantly recognises the potential of good lyrics and songs and collaboratively and skilfully produces the tunes.

He is an honest, humorous, warmhearted, intelligent man with integrity and strong family values and belief. I am lucky to have met him and to have had my songs produced and recorded by him. I have full trust in Andy's musicality and  STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIM to other songwriters.

~Alexander Syrus

What a wonderful experience it was working with Andy. Great Producer. Very attentive to detail, accommodating and ADVENTUROUS WITH HIS APPROACH TO MUSIC. Great overall experience!!! Would definitely look forward to working together again:-)

~Scriptease Productions

Had a really fantastic experience recording with Andy. I have recorded many songs over the years at his studio and the results always exceeded my expectations. Would HIGHLY recommend recording with Andy at Songwriter’s Paradise.

~Shazza WC

I made an album with Andy. I received Wami & National music oz nominations for some songs on it. I loved the process. Andy’s skills and guitar work is out of this world. I came in with some acoustic songs and walked out with something I will treasure for life. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS STUDIO HIGHLY ENOUGH. If you listen to Andy’s advise you will go far ! I’m proof of that fact

~Mike Brunt

Andy studio is a great place to record. I love working with him, He's very helpful . He Makes any song sounds great..

~Seasonsof worship Life

What a wonderful experience to record with Andy. His beautiful arrangements of my songs was so inspiring. He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer and has such a great ear. He knows exactly what a song needs to take it to another level. I’M SO PROUD OF MY ALBUM. Many of the tracks have received airplay around Australia.

~Carmel Charlton

Professional, precise and creative!! Even if you have no musical ability but an idea and a dream... ANDY WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!! I wouldn’t and didn’t go anywhere else!

~Peter Kelleher

I've have had the pleasure of creating music with Andy from 'Songwriters Paradise'. Andy is an extremely talented music producer, who has also helped me immensely, by improving both my song writing and singing skills. Thanks so much Andy

~Brian O'Donnell

Fantastic opportunity to relax in a HIGHLY CREATIVE AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT to realise our musical dreams. Take time out to realise your musical destiny!

~Guy Slingerland

Andy Court is a genius! Get in there if you can.

~William Newton-Wordsworth

Worked with Andy over the years and he is a seasoned professional, Highly recommend him.

~Clem Foley


Everything Andy does sounds great! I have found Andy to be really great to work with. I seem to love all of his ideas. I write the songs and Andy makes fantastic arrangements and awesome backing tracks! I just love going there and working with him. It's the most fun I could ever have. He has great talent and has an expansive knowledge of the music industry. Andy and Sharon are a great team. I consider them friends and we will be working together on many songs. I would recommend them to anyone, at any level. Cheers

~Greg Bell 


Andy's professionalism, knowledge, and experience go way beyond what I had ever expected of a recording studio. I first went to Andy to get the lyrics of one of my songs composed and I am now composing a whole album with him. His warm and friendly nature makes me feel right at home. He has the ability to create music in all genre fields and when you leave you will be walking out with something that is one of a kind and truly amazing. He is also an amazing singer, I remember the first time I heard him sing one of my songs, I was completely blown away. He has inspired me to pursue my dreams and for this i say thankyou.


I've been recording songs at Andy's Recording Studio for over 2 years now. Andy is a multi-talented musician and a great lead guitarist who really knows how to get his head around putting things together at the recording desk. He's got a brilliant ear pitch and I'm confident to say he's the only person I will use to record my vocal tracks.

HE BRINGS THE BEST OUT OF ME AND MY SONGS, and at the end of the day, I know my time has been well spent. If you're only interested in something second rate then it's probably better that you see someone else, 'cause I've found he always puts his heart into presenting something professional and pleasing to the ear. I fully recommend his work, If I didn't I wouldn't still be recording with him. My album will be out soon. It's called 'One Day. If there's anything you'd like to ask about my recording time at Andy's Studio or about 'One Day' feel free to contact me at the email address Cheers

~Alfie Sorbello 
I have worked in a number of studios and this has the best audio recording of any of them - particularly vocals. Andy is prepared to work with you not just with the technical recording but with the performance as well. Having Andy and Sharon prepared to play and provide great backing vocals as part of the deal is also a fantastic bonus. The professional and supportive environment makes the EXPERIENCE ENJOYABLE and the RESULTS OUTSTANDING

I have no hesitation in recommending this studio to anyone for their musical project.

~Michael Baker 


I recently worked on two albums in Andy's Recording Studio. Andy guided our whole team through the process and produced a result which surpassed our expectations.

Thank you again.


Would Recommend Andy's Recording Studio any day! Got to FINALLY record one of my all time favourite songs, and even though it was my first time in a recording studio, Andy's direction, experience, and the fun friendly environment, made it 


Being my first time recording, I walked in all nervous and not sure what to expect, and after a session with Andy, the recording process was so enjoyable, I forgot all about nerves, and the result was far better than anything I could ever have imagined. Look forward to doing another song at the studio.

~Mary Nicolson. 

Well, what can I say? Andy is warm, welcoming, encouraging & totally professional in what he does. His ability to record, produce and create is outstanding. IT'S WONDERFUL TO WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO IS PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR WORK. I've only completed one song with Andy, but I know it's played "on repeat" in many people's cars, and takes people to "Heavenly places" when they hear the beautiful Celtic tones he created for the sound. Looking forward to working with you again Andy. Thank God for the gift of music & creativity you carry. God bless you & your beautiful family abundantly.

~Linda Brown

What an amazing and fantastic recording Andy Court has delivered to me for the song I composed "I Listen to the Radio". I had the lyrics and basic melody in mind but no knowledge of chords or guitar riffs nor could I actually sing. Andy took control of my project, opened with a dazzling guitar riff, and penned the chords within just a few minutes. When I heard Andy sing I realised that Andy would be the vocalist rather than me. WHAT A GREAT VOICE FOR THIS TRACK TOO! Within the first two recording sessions, Andy had the song virtually snitched and later incorporated a fourth verse for me that I subsequently wrote about a few months later. I would give Andy Court my highest recommendation to anybody.

~Michael Lowry

I had an amazing experience at songwriters paradise some years ago where Andy and I made a CD together. Andie's experience and knowledge of music were amazing.

~Johnny Dohnt

Andy was a delight. He’s very savvy about what works, and what doesn’t work. Seems quite educated and well trained/cluey in his profession. He won’t waste your time or money. He works quickly. I was very lucky to find him. He gets full marks in my book. And it was fun!

~Melanie Connors

My experience at Songwriters Paradise was First Class. THEIR STUDIO IS THE BEST I’VE EVER BEEN IN, it is purpose-built with an Inspirational uplifting Decor. Andy is a Fantastic producer/ Artist and I found him very easy to work with, turning my ideas into reality! Thanks, Andy

~Matt Hewitt

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