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  • How much does it cost to produce a song?
    We work on an hourly rate so it largely depends of the complexity of the song itself and how much work is involved. Our producer is happy to discuss your song production beforehand and give you an estimate if needed.
  • Do I need a band?
    No live band is necessary and your backing music will be world class in almost any style you fancy. We do spectacular instrumentation, using all the latest technology. Andy, our producer, is a great guitarist and world class vocalist who can bring out the best in your vocal performances.
  • What if I have no experience in recording songs?
    Doesn’t matter, we work with complete amateurs and seasoned professionals alike. Its all good fun and everyone enjoys the experience in our fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • What if I can’t play an instrument?
    Doesn’t matter, that’s our job ! We’ll get you sounding like your favourite band or perhaps create something new and unique.
  • What types of music do you produce ?
    We can work in almost any kind of genre there is.
  • What if I need some backing vocals?
    Backing vocals are one of our specialties.
  • Do you do music video clips?
    Absolutely, We love doing music vids.
  • What if I live too far away from your studio?
    We work remotely with many of our clients including overseas artists. We get outstanding results even if you only send us a poor demo recorded or sung into a phone.
  • What age groups do you cater for?
    All age groups.
  • Do you do gift certificates?
    Yes indeed ! They make great gifts for B’days, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or just to simply bless a loved one.
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